Friday, January 9, 2009

Another BSFG Update and Looking for ideas...

Hi Everyone...

Most of today was spent chipping ice off the driveway in preparation for the storm predicted to be coming in tomorrow night. I was able to do a little work on BSFG yesterday and this morning before my adventures with ice. So here is the latest update photo on this...

Now on to some other things I've worked on in the past...the one I'm going to post today I need some assistance in what to do with it. This was one of the first projects I EVER completed with counted cross stitch. I saw this in a magazine and fell in love with it. The original design of it was for the center to be a clock. Well, I loved the "border" of the clock and thought it would make a very unique border for a wedding photo. During July of 1991 I had some surgery which meant I was home on medical leave two months before my wedding. So I did this project and it was completed before my wedding day. Fast forward to 2009...this piece has lived through moving into my home with my husband just after our wedding, lived through a house fire which destroyed many things because of water damage, survived our move to our new home almost ten years ago and now I'm still trying to decide how to use it.

I have long since lost the pattern and have no idea what magazine it was that I found it in originally, so hopes of finding it and completing the center as the clock as originally planned is hardly an option. I would still love to use it as a mat for a photo but not sure how to go about doing that. Any and all suggestions on this would be greatly appreciated.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Snow Day Update

Well I think I'm starting to like snow days. As you can see I made quite a bit of headway on BSFG with the kids being home. They spent the day playing and watching videos while I snuggled in front of the fireplace and stitched the day away. Nothing else got done around the house but that will change today.

The kids are back to school today (although my son's school is delayed), so that means I'm in to volunteer at daughter's, then home to do some things before picking him up at dismissal. Home again long enough to get him changed for gymnastics, pick her up at school and off to gymnastics class (where I'll get to do some stitching!!) and home for dinner. Ok, I'm exhausted already looking at the to-do list for today.

Future posts are going to take a look back at other stitching projects I've completed and I'm presently working on. I even have one I'm trying to figure out what to do with...but until I get it out of storage to photograph that is on hold too.

Until next time...thanks for reading...
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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Ice/ Snow Storm and stitching...

Below are my updates from the work I did on January 4th- January 6th (the first picture was taken on January 5th and the second on January 7th before I started working on BSFG).

I'm actually starting on page two in this picture. I've decided to do all the blackwork after I've finished the cross stitching.

Well our weather in Connecticut today is a mix of snow, sleet, freezing rain and supposed to change over to all rain by later in the day. The kids are home from school because of the weather and it is one of those days that there is no way they can go out to play, they'd be soaked to the skin before too long. So it looks like the day today will be spent watching videos, playing games and stitching for me. Hoping to have another update later this afternoon. May even get the material ready for one of the other InkCircles projects I got charts for as Christmas gifts, we'll see.

Also here are some photos of what the trees are starting to look like outside my windows. Hopefully it will warm up sooner than later so we don't get too much more ice. The weathermen are warning of many power outages because of the possible ice build up.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

I hate being sick!!

Well, I did get some stitching done yesterday but not as much as I'd have liked to. My dh decided to share his head cold so I was in a medication fog most of the day and not wanting to get out of my own way for the rest of it. I won't be getting much done today either seeing as we are going to Old Sturbridge Village with the kids and the inlaws.


Have a great day!!
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