Thursday, February 19, 2009

First Finish of 2009 and BSFG Update

Well I have my first finish of 2009 and I can't show a picture of it!!! Tracy Horner of Ink Circles was kind enough yesterday to offer to those of us that were up to date on BoInk (Book of Ink Circles) to get the final piece early. I took her up on the offer but every offer comes with some restrictions LOL!!!

Tracy asked that if we requested the last piece that we follow a few simple rules...

" If you are caught up AND
you want the last piece early AND
you are willing to not post pictures until Feb 24 AND
you won't get mad if you ask at midnight my time and I don't mail you
anything until the next morning AND
you believe in karma"

So I will abide by her request and not post pictures of it until the 24th. This came out as a beautiful piece and now I just have to frame it up!!

In some ways I also have a finish on Blackstone Fantasy Garden too!! No, I haven't completed the entire piece yet but I have completed the outlines of the knots. The dang frogs FINALLY left me alone so I could complete the outlines in peace.

I've now promised myself to complete the "filling" of the knots before I start doing any of the blackwork in the open areas.

The family and I seem to be finished with whatever the "bug" was we were passing around although my poor ds is still suffering with the cough and has been put on an inhaler for it...hopefully we'll be able to start weening him from that soon though.