Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!!

Welcome to 2010!! Doesn't seem possible that 2009 is already in the history books.

It was quite a year for my family. Father in law sick with yellow fever (luckily he survived), son transferred schools, daughter moving on to middle school, my decision to go back to school after being out for over 20 years.

Having gone back to school has definitely cut into my blogging time not to mention my stitching time. I have found some time to stitch here and there but it has definitely been a minute here and a second there...

I finished Cirque de Carreaux in early September and started Cirque de Circles. Here is a picture of where I stand on it at the moment.

As I said, not moving as fast as in the past but making some progress.

As far as my classes, I just got my grades for the Fall Semester and I stand at a 3.82 GPA. I got an A- in my Anatomy & Physiology class and an A in my Intro to Computer Software class (how to use Microsoft Office 2007 Products).

My goals for 2010 include taking General Biology, General Chemistry, Math, the second half of Anatomy & Physiology (and doing as well on them as I did this first semester) and applying to the Nursing Program at Capital Community College. My stitching goals include working on projects when they fit into the rest of my life and possibly having one or two finished before the end of the year. I also plan to get the projects from 2009 (Blackstone Fantasy Garden and Cirque de Carreaux) framed (although I may hold off on Carreaux until I have finished Circles and Triangles- which I received as a Christmas gift- so they can all be in the same type of frame seeing as they are all going to be stitched on the same fabric with the same floss)...

Best health and wishes for all for the New Year...