Thursday, April 9, 2009

Progress after one Week

It's a little wrinkled (UNDERSTATEMENT!!!) but here is my progress after the first week of stitching on this kit.

I'm very excited at how quickly it is coming together, especially seeing as it has been a VERY hectic week around here.

I got some good stitching time in last Thursday and after that we've been very busy working to get a referendum passed here in our town to renovate our local high school. The vote was on Tuesday (I did absolutely ZERO stitching on the vote day!!) and we were lucky after doing so much hard work that the referendum passed.

There was a group of moms that "camped" at the end our the highway entrance ramp down the street from my house this morning waving signs thanking the voters for supporting the kids. Here is a picture of them...

My daughter is the one on the far left in the red and black jacket with the "THANK YOU" sign...