Monday, August 17, 2009

9 Days and counting...

Until my daughter goes back to school, 13 days for me and 14 days for my son and I can't wait...They are both going stir crazy and driving each other (and ME!!) nuts!!

Well I've gotten stitching done since last update...again I had taken pictures a few days after the last update but didn't get around to posting, so the first photo is just that (taken on 8/14) and the second photo was taken yesterday(8/16.)

I have now almost completely finished three pages. I have moved to page 4 which is back on the left lower edge of the piece. I really want to finish this before my classes start on 8/31 but not sure if that will happen seeing as I'm working the next two weekends, although the weekend of 8/29-8/30 I'll be in Lakeville, MA for a race Saturday morning and then have the majority of the day to myself with NO ONE ELSE around so I may get quite a bit done then. Of course there is the whole getting kids ready to go back to school which cuts into a lot of time too...only time will tell.

I'm also trying to decide if I'm going to enter my BoInk and/or Blackstone Fantasy Garden into one of the local "country" fairs this year. I really got burned by one last year that changed its rules in one spot in there "Premium Book" and not in another so I wasn't able to enter all the pieces I brought to display and I was very upset with their attitude and lack of response to the letter I sent regarding the situation at the close of the fair. I'll let everyone know if I do decide to enter and which piece or pieces I choose to enter.