Thursday, March 12, 2009

Elk Snout- Needs Help

Today I started the "loop" section of blackwork with the Elk Snout from Carrie's Threads that was recommended for Blackstone Fantasy Garden and it just disappears into the fabric. When I did the floss toss after getting the threads from my LNS they all worked well but I guess the Elk Snout worked as long as it was a large bunch but with the single thread it is just blending into the tone of the fabric.

I'm looking for ideas of what to either a) switch the Elk Snout with or b) what to blend with it to make it stand out more...


Suzie said...

Jackie, I've been following your progress, and am just facinated with this design! It is much more detailed than I originally thought, and am loving every stitch you are taking! The color choices just add to the richness of it, too.

On my computer screen, the thread shows up against the fabric, but it may not be as visible in person, and I can see where you would want to make it stand out more than it does.

Is there another shade of the same color, that is darker than the one that you are using? Or do you think that it would blend into the fabric too much too. How about brighter? But then the rest of your colors are so rich & mellow, you don't want that one to jump out from the rest of the design either.

I'm just tossing thoughts around here. .Are there any of the fine detailing that are to be stitched in just black, or a shading of black? If you replaced the Elk Snout with black, how close would it lie to the blue?

Would it be too eye catching to backstitch the Elk Snout portions with black?

This is one of those times when I wish that you were right next door, so we could toss different ideas around, with the threads right in front of us!

Hopefully, someone else will have the perfect answer for you! I'm anxious to see what you decide to do.

I know that you want it to be as perfect as it can be, but it will be gorgeous with whatever you decide!

Have a great day!

Suzie said...

Hi again!

What I meant to say about the black backstitching, was just enough, in selective places, to give it a sense of shadow, to make the lighter thread color stand out. I know I'm not explaining myself very well. I wish that I were there to show you! lol


Gaga said...

I like it with DMC 611.
Good luck deciding what you do.
Do let us know.