Monday, August 24, 2009

Frogs on 32 ct over one...

I'm finding that frogging on 32 ct lugana stitching over one is NO FUN!

Now don't get me wrong, frogging is NEVER fun but is definitely an increased dread when you are stitching over one.

I took this first picture on Thursday, August 20th figuring it would show what GREAT progress I had over the weekend while being away overnight for work on Saturday night.

Well, so much for those plans. I've been working on the lower left edge and it would be so nice if I could actually count. In fact I lost count of the number of times I had to rip out the section that has the full larger diamond on the lower left side there (the one that is a border to the inner design and along with it the smaller motifs around and below it.

Well, I finally approached the area from a different direction (from above by the area already stitched rather than along the bottom edge) and it seems to have worked. What you see in the above photo is what I've accomplished up until 8:30pm on Monday, August 24.

I have 6 days and 11 1/2 hours until my first class starts (not that I'm counting!!). If I continue stitching in the pattern I have in the last four days (stitch, frog, stitch, frog, stitch, etc) I'll never get this completed before I start classes.

On another note, my daughter starts back to school on Wednesday. She's not looking forward to it but mom is so maybe I'll have a little more time for something else (yeah, right, I know I'm dreaming!!)

Thanks for checking out my blog. I hope you enjoy following it as much as I have been updating it.