Monday, April 13, 2009

More than green or brown

Just a quick update on Rosebud Wreath...I've actually got more colors now than just greens and browns!! I've added some pinks and white!!!

This is probably the only stitching I'll get done today. My son doesn't have school today and he heard on the weather report this morning that it is to be "breezy" today and he's dying to try out the Spiderman kite the Easter Bunny left for him. I told him, if he helped me with some things around here this morning we'd head off to a local field to try and fly his kite.

Also have to pick daughter up for an orthodontist appointment this afternoon so have to get things done quick so we can go fly kites...

Enjoy your day where ever you may Tiger from Winnie the Pooh says "ta-ta for now!!"

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter, A finish and a Start...

Happy Easter to those that celebrate!! My family will be getting together with the others from the family later today for a late lunch/ early dinner. So far this morning, my kids have attacked their baskets left by the Bunny and found all the eggs they dyed last night which the "Bunny" hid before leaving their baskets.

Here the kids are dyeing their eggs last night.

This "quiet" morning has meant some stitching time for me this morning and with this being a holiday weekend meant we weren't running around all day with the kids so I was able to get in a fairly good chunk of time stitching yesterday also.

All this time meant I was able to finish "Footprints" and start another quick (at least I hope quick) project to also donate to my son's school's auction at the end of May.

It is a kit by Donna Dewberry called Rosebud Wreath. I made this design for my dh's grandmother a few years ago and it is the kit that I was searching for to originally do for the auction before I found "Footprints".

I started this last night and have worked on it for a short period this morning. This is the progress I've made so far on this project. It does seem to be working up quickly so far but I'm getting tired of greens and browns already...can't wait to get to some of the pinks and purples.

Seeing as I've been working on these two "quick" kits I haven't done a single stitch in Blackstone Fantasy Garden, although it is still traveling in my canvas bag, just in case I get bored working on these quickies and need something different to do for a stitch or two. I'm hoping to maybe have the wreath done this week or early next week and then get back to BFG. I have read on some other blogs that people feel they move quicker on their BAPs after working on a "little" project that was quickly finished. We'll see if that happens with my stitching.

Till next time...thanks for looking at my progress on my projects and following my crazy family...