Monday, April 13, 2009

More than green or brown

Just a quick update on Rosebud Wreath...I've actually got more colors now than just greens and browns!! I've added some pinks and white!!!

This is probably the only stitching I'll get done today. My son doesn't have school today and he heard on the weather report this morning that it is to be "breezy" today and he's dying to try out the Spiderman kite the Easter Bunny left for him. I told him, if he helped me with some things around here this morning we'd head off to a local field to try and fly his kite.

Also have to pick daughter up for an orthodontist appointment this afternoon so have to get things done quick so we can go fly kites...

Enjoy your day where ever you may Tiger from Winnie the Pooh says "ta-ta for now!!"


Carolyn NC said...

Looking good!

Beth said...

Looks great so far! I love how quickly this is coming along for you!