Friday, April 24, 2009

No Stitching this week...

Instead of stitching, I decided since the kids were away in Florida with Grandma & Grandpa for the week I should do a project that would be easier to do minus two kids running in and out.

I decided that project should be refinishing our dining room floor. The people who had owned the house before us had slapped down a quick coat of polyurethane to make it look good for selling the house but since it has been peeling and was awful.

The kids left on Tuesday, had a play day with my friend Dee where we went to a restaurant in Rhode Island that we've been trying to get to together for over a year. On Wednesday I started with the massive project I've dubbed THE FLOOR... Wednesday was spent emptying the hutch and packing up the stuff in the room. Whoever knew how much stuff we had in this small room (definitely time to purge after the floor is finished). On Thursday, Dee came over to help me move the table, hutch, etc out of the room. From there I hung plastic sheeting over the doorways (hoping to keep down some of the dust) and headed to the local hardware store that rents different tools. I got myself a floor sander for four hours and sanded as close to the walls as possible within that time.

Now on Friday I'm on my hands and knees with a palm sander and a belt sander getting even closer to the walls.

Now this picture may scare some, so be forewarned...Haha...

This is what I'm looking like after about 4 1/2 hours of sanding and I'm still not done with all the edges...hoping to finish today and put the first coat of polyurethane on tomorrow but we'll see what happens. No matter what happens have to have this project done by Tuesday morning seeing as the kids will be home Tuesday night and Dee has offered to come over on Tuesday to help move the furniture back in the room.


nutmegg said...

Jackie, a couple of years ago my husband and I decided (well it was really me)to pull all the carpets up in the house and polish the floors,I can tell you it was really hard work but worth it in the end, so easy to keep clean and fresh especially with a couple of dogs in the house

Maggie said...

Hope you've managed to get the floor done in time, know what it feels like, been there done that, twice!!
Just keep thinking how wonderful it will look afterwards :-)