Sunday, March 15, 2009

DON'T Join the Inkcircles Yahoo group

I've been a "member" of the inkcircle yahoo group while doing BoInk. I love doing Tracy's designs and will continue to do so but I have now dropped this group. Towards the end of doing the Book of Ink Circles I was reprimanded by a person for "requesting" one of the final installements. I responded to her "reprimand" and was immediately SLAMMED by the moderators for doing so. Come to find out the moderator is friends with the "person" in question. I even received a reply from Tracy, herself, letting me know she wasn't offended in the least for requesting the installment be posted.

I've noticed as of late that it has been taking forever and sometimes days for my posts to show up on the webpage, so I asked one of the moderators if I was on moderation for some reason or had there been problems so everyone was on moderation?

I just received a reply to this email and here is what it said, " You are on moderation because of your recent rudeness on list during the "kerfuffle". Also you don't trim your posts consistently. You will be taken off moderation when ALL the mods review and decide you are sorry for your on list behaviour and remember to trim consistently."

I unsubscribed because of this attitude...I'll continue to do Tracy's designs because I so love them but who needs to be bossed around by a bunch of catty hens that worry themselves over such nonsense?? Not me!!

Now that I've blown off steam, I'm back to doing my data entry so I can get back to working on my Blackstone Fantasy Garden!!

Night everyone!!


Terry said...

Thanks for the heads up! I was wondering about having to join that group in order to get the SAL but I found it from another post on one of my other groups. Thankfully I can stay clear of that stuff. LOL Glad you are not having to deal with it anymore. Who needs groups like that when we have family right?!?! LOL

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

I cannot believe that people could be so horrible. Groups like that make stitching no fun at all. Sorry you had to deal with that.

Keep showing us your wonderful progress.... I love seeing the inkcircles projects being done.

Anonymous said...

Putting some one on moderation without informing them doesn't make any senses. How are you supposed to know that you need to change your ways if they don't tell you are doing it wrong.

Give little people a taste of power and they become despots.

Libbie said...

Oh Jackie I am so sorry to hear this, I just joined a couple of weeks ago, and was delighted when I found your blog. Followed your posts more than anyone elses.

Your BoInk was one of the reasons I started mine.

I drop in often, but am a shocker at leaving comments. Will have to rectify that, will definitely keep in touch... Libbie

Beth said...

This is a ery unfortunate incident. It's a shame people have to act like jack@$$es in order to feel important.

Thank you for your concern. I figured out that the allergy medicine was making me sleep all the time, hence the reason I haven't finished my update post. I went to stitching group tonight and haven't had time to work on it today. I promise I'm okay!


skovranok said...

As it happens, I know some of the people on the BOINK yahoo group -- I had trouble with them on another list they own, so I'm not surprised. You aren't missing anything by getting off that group.

LOVE your BFG!!